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Last updated 04 Jan, 2023

Despite being a joke website about corn, CornHub takes privacy seriously. Our privacy policy aims to be short and understandable, so you can easily see what data we collect about you and why. If you feel a section is unclear or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out via e-mail or on our Discord server. Links to both can be found on our contact page.

All traffic to CornHub is proxied through Cloudflare. We use Cloudflare's services for analytics, caching and protection against digital attacks. Cloudflare stores information about your browser and IP address to be able to provide its services. For more details, see their privacy policy.

We include Google Analytics to get insights about how users use our site. We may serve ads via Google Adsense. For more information about how their privacy policies, see this help article.

CornHub itself also collects some data about you for ratelimiting and analytics (such as our end-of-the-year recaps) purposes. The following information is collected about all visitors:

  • Your IP address will be stored temporarily (for up to 24 hours) to rate limit your requests.
  • When loading ads, the following information about your browser may be collected and processed, but is not stored:
    • Whether your browser supports cookies
    • Whether your device has a touchscreen (to detect mobile devices)
    • Which languages your browser supports (for possible localized ads)
    • Your browser's screen size (to determine whether an ad will look good on your screen)
    • Your approximate timezone (for possible localized ads)

When you are signed in, additional information will be collected. You can delete this information at any time by deleting your account in the settings page. The following information will be collected:

  • Ratings on videos and comments will be stored indefinitely unless you delete your account.
  • Comments on videos will be stored indefinitely and will be anonymized if you delete your account.
  • Your watch history will be stored indefinitely unless you delete it manually or delete your account. You can opt out of storing your watch history in the settings page.
  • Other information required to operate our service, such as your username, profile picture and discord user id will be stored indefinitely unless you delete your account.

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